Trocaire Boxes are available at the church door.

Sunday 18th

On Sunday 18th we will have our Confirmation Children organising their mass.

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday  14th Feb is Ash Wednesday. It is a day of Fast and Abstinence. Blessed Ashes will be distributed during mass and in the school.  Mass times : Eadestown 9.30 am, Kilteel 7.30pm

Lent 2018

Lent begins this week. We are encouraged to renew our lives by prayer , fasting and almsgiving. These are three strands of Lenten observance as ancient as Christianity itself.  The hope is that they will lead to an inner conversion of heart for everybody.

Sunday 11th

On Sunday 11th Feb we welcome our First Holy Communion Children to their special preparation mass. It has been a very busy time for them as they celebrated First Reconciliation on Thursday 8th. It was a blessed occasion for all of us who were present. We thank Fr. Kevin Lyon for coming to us to help out.

Sunday 11th is World Day of the Sick. It is also the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.


Christian fasting began as a voluntary practice, as a support for prayer, as penance for sin, as a way to save something for the poor and to prepare for Easter. We are strongly encouraged to make each Friday special by undergoing some form of fasting during Lent.

Congratulations to all involved over the three days. This has become a major event for hundreds of people. It is a huge undertaking and all who planned and helped out  should rightly be proud to be associated with it. May it  continue to grow  from strength to strength.