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Please join in our parish prayers for the safety of everyone by praying part of the Rosary daily. It is hoped that  everyone will remember to pray  at least one Decade . Families are asked to set up a small prayer space which might include some of the following, Bible, Statue, Crucifix, Holy Water, Candle. The children are familiar with this from school. There have been many occasions in our history when people did not have access to a public mass as at present and the Faith was kept burning brightly by the praying of the Rosary. In these critical times we should remember that we are not alone and that our prayers for one another are important.

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Public Masses to stop

In the light of healthcare advice and the ongoing changing situation, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has decided that it will not be possible to continue with public Sunday or Weekday Masses in the Archdiocese of Dublin from Wednesday 25th March until further notice.

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Parish Invitation – time of crisis

All parishioners are invited to set aside 5 minutes each day to recite part of the Rosary together praying for the safety of everyone in the Parish.  It is suggested that the TV and all phones be switched off. Have a simple Prayer Space set aside around which everyone can gather (table cloth, candle, crucifix or statue, holy water ). The Rosary has been a wonderful prayer for keeping the Faith alive in stressful times when people had no access to Mass. It is still a wonderful prayer. Rosary beads will be available at the church door.

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Diocesan Guidance Covid-19

The restrictive measures introduced by the health care authorities are vital measures to limit spread of the coronavirus. We all have a moral responsibility and a civic duty to respect them in detail in order to protect us and others.

The health authority’s norms on limiting attendance at indoor gatherings to 100 people and the norms regarding social distancing are strictly binding on all. No individual or parish has the authority to deviate from or redefine these norms. If there is any doubt or risk about arrangements, Mass should be cancelled.

All are dispensed from the obligation of physical presence at Sunday Mass. It should be explained to vulnerable people why they are to be discouraged from attending Mass.

Parishes should make adequate arrangements to enable people to prayerfully participate at Sunday Mass by radio and on-line.

Social distancing: For any event, including funerals, the norms regarding social distancing (people should be at a distance from each other of at least one metre) are obligatory. This is a vital health care norm as the virus can be most easily contracted by person to person contact. It applies also to the presence of people in Churches for private prayer.

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Corona Virus

We have been reminded by the Diocese that we have a responsibility to one another and must take care of each other’s wellbeing. For the  moment therefore the following are suspended: Sign of Peace, Hand shaking before and after mass, Holy Water in fonts, Receiving  Holy Communion on the tongue, the used of communal vessels. Those administering Holy Communion to wash hands or use alcohol based gel.

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