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Sunday Mass 5th July

We streamed mass at 11:30am on Sunday 5th July as Eadestown Church re-opened. You can watch the mass here:

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Update from Diocese

Numbers permitted to attend public worship:  Up to this moment, the maximum number authorised to be present for any Church service is 50 people.  This number is still in force and is not discretional.  The number 50 includes all those who are present, including celebrant, cantor, readers, ministers of the Eucharist and stewards. 

I am well aware of the difficulty this brings within large Churches, and I have made my concern known publicly.    Contacts are in place to address these problems but as yet no decision has been reached.  

I must however make it clear that any disregard for this cap of 50 people or disregard of social distancing norms could prejudice the possibility of change. Going it alone could well damage the good of all.

People who are recommended to “cocoon”: I have already drawn attention to the basic principles of cocooning.  They involve a balance between individual judgement and social responsibility: “…older people (aged 70 years and over) and those with pre-existing chronic conditions have been found to be more susceptible to COVID-19 infection and are most likely to experience severe consequences from infection so it is still recommended that you remain cocooned for your safety”.

Priests over 70 who celebrate Mass should abstain from any face-to-face contact such as the distribution of Holy Communion.

+Diarmuid Martin, Tuesday June 30th 2020

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