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What happened on Holy Thursday?

Recorded in the Gospels, Jesus:

  • Sent Peter and John to arrange for them to use the Upper Room to hold the Passover meal
  • Washed the apostles’ feet
  • Held the first Mass
  • Instituted the priesthood
  • Announced that Judas would betray him
  • Gave the “new commandment” to love one another
  • Indicated that Peter had a special pastoral role among the apostles
  • Announced that Peter would deny him
  • Prayed for the unity of his followers
  • Held all the discourses recorded across five chapters of John (John 13-18)
  • Sang a hymn
  • Went to the Mount of Olives
  • Prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Was betrayed by Judas
  • Stopped the disciples from continuing a violent resistance
  • Healed the ear of Malchus, the high priest’s servant, after Peter cut it off with a sword. Was taken before the high priests Annas and Caiaphas
  • Was denied by Peter
  • Was taken to Pilate.

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