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Confirmation Meeting

Confirmation meeting for parents Thursday 17th, in Eadestown Church 8.00pm. Please note the time.

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Bereavement Mass

Our annual mass for recently deceased parishioners / bereaved parishioners took place last Saturday night 5th Nov. It was a warm, memorable and meaningful occasion. All who participated left for home feeling greatly comforted and strengthened. It was a striking example of what good liturgy is, everybody played a part and the time flew. There was no question of anyone feeling “bored” or left out. If we could transfer some of that spirit to our regular Sunday masses the way in which many people attend mass would change dramatically and nobody would want to miss out. A sincere thank you to the Bereavement Team and helpers who did all the organising, stewarding and catering. When the flower bulbs which were provided for planting in memory our deceased love ones grow up and flower in spring, may our hearts rise with them.

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Autumn Workshops – 26 November

Deaneries of Blessington, Tallaght and South Dublin Autumn Workshops in Maldron Hotel, Tallaght Saturday 26 Nov 10.00am to 1.00pm. There will be 4 very interesting and
valuable. Workshops on offer and everyone attending will be able to attend 2 of them. They cover A) Why bother with the Bible?, B) How parishes can support family life, C) Scripture and Prayer at a time of loss and D) Ways in which technology can be used to nourish our faith and used in prayer. It will be free of charge as the parish will cover the
costs. Please consider seriously going along.

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Parish Pastoral Council

Nomination forms are available at the Church doors. Closing date for nominations is next Sunday 21 Nov.

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Travelling Crib

Last year we had a travelling crib which was hosted for one night of Advent by a volunteer family. If you would like to do so this year please write in your name on the schedule sheet at the Church doors. The idea is to invite some neighbours in for a short time of prayer with the crib to prepare for Christmas. Advent begins on Sunday 27th Nov.

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